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Guidelines that help sell your home

We asked some of our top agents what they think homeowners can do to help sell their house. Following this set of simple guidelines that can help you get your home sold faster and can help you get the most money from your home.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression
When a prospective buyer pulls up to your house, they will either consciously or subconsciously form an impression of your home. If that impression is a negative one, it will stick with them throughout the duration of their visit.

You should do everything you can to make sure that their first impression is a positive one. Keep your lawn trimmed and cleaning up any clutter on your porch is a great place to start. You might also consider things like painting the front door if needed, or making sure the lighting fixtures and front porch are cleaned. You might be surprised how far a little effort goes into making their first impression a positive one.

How to clean up in real estate
Once a prospective buyer has seen how great your house looks from the outside, keep the momentum going throughout the rest of your house. Spending a few hours cleaning the inside your house can make all the difference in the world. If your paint is old or your curtains have faded, consider a little redecorating. The time and money you invest now will add value to your home and could help you sell it much faster.

Smooth out a sticky situation
This may not seem very important, but sticky doors and cabinets have a way in sticking in people’s minds. Taking the time to lubricate squeaky hinges and smoothing stuck doors can make your home sale close much easier as well.

Checking faucets and light bulbs
When opening your house to prospective buyers it is important to pay attention to details. Leaking faucets and burnt out bulbs can lead many into thinking there may be repair bills in their future with worn out plumbing or faulty wiring. These small things can be a distraction from all the great qualities your home has.

Safety first
As homeowners we take many things in our home for granted. We sometimes create a perilous maze of obstructions without even realizing it. You may be able to maneuver through the kids toys on the staircase or extension cords across pathways; but visitors may not. Take the time to clear away any obstructions from your visitor’s path and from their minds.

Clearing room to make a sale
Storage space is a big plus for potential buyers. Make the most of your space by clearing your attic and basement of any clutter or unnecessary items.

Closets can sell your home
I cannot emphasize how important closets are to prospective buyers. If you haven’t donated those unwanted items yet, now is the time to do so. The better organized your closets; the more perceived value your home has.

A clean bathroom can add sparkle to your home’s value
We all know that bathrooms are a major selling point in any home. Take the time to really make their value shine through. Replace any damaged caulking or grout and use CLR to get rid of any rust or hard water spots. It is also a good idea to dress up your bathrooms with new hand towels, floor mats and shower curtains.

Turning your bedrooms into a cozy getaway
Taking the time to dress up your bedrooms with clean bedding and fresh curtains can make your prospects feel right at home.

Keep a leash on your pets
Dogs and cats can add value to your life, but they can be a major distraction while trying to sell your home. Aside from the barking and the need for attention, there are many people allergic to pets. This includes your prospective buyers. If you’re going to prospects over, it is a good idea to keep the pets outside or at your neighbors.

Shine the light on your home’s value
If you’re going to be showing your home in the evening; make your home more lively and inviting by turning on all the lights – even the outdoor lights. Not only does it make the house look more bright and cheerful; it will help make your prospect more welcome in your home.

Avoid Crowded Scenes
Sometimes a house full of guests can make your prospects feel uncomfortable when viewing your home. They will often hurry through without noticing all the great features your home has to offer. This is something to think about while showing your home.

If it’s too loud…
Believe it or not; not everyone is into death metal or gangster rap. Whatever you happen to be listening to; turn down the volume on your TV or stereo before you turn off your prospects.

Let the house do the talking
Don’t talk too much. Be polite, friendly and make yourself available for questions. Give your prospects the space to view your home with the least amount of distractions.

Never apologize for your house
Not all houses look like models homes. No matter how modest your house it, you should never apologize for its shortcomings. If a prospect has bad things to say, simply take note and let your CLM Homes professional handle any objections.

Let your real estate agent do their job
You may know your house better than anyone else, but a highly trained CLM Homes associate understands what buyers are looking for in a new home and are adept at bringing out the qualities of your home that best suits their needs and interests. They will have a much easier time bringing out these qualities if you sit back and let them do the talking.

Don’t try to throw in the kitchen sink
You might end up throwing a wrench in the deal. When prospective buyers walk through your home, don’t try to sweeten the deal with all your unwanted furniture. This does nothing but distract the buyer and it may cost the sale.

Your greatest asset when selling your home
When a prospect wants to talk price or terms, refer them to your expert; a CLM Homes real estate expert.

Help your agent help you
You will have much more successful results if all the showings are scheduled through your CLM Home Agents office. You will be amazed how smoothly selling your house can be.

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When you work with CLM Homes, you are working with dedicated professionasl who's sole purpose is to get your house sold. Our team of experts go above and beyond traditional realtors to get your house sold as quickly as possible.
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