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Should you Install Wood Floors in Your Antelope Valley Home?

Installing wood floors can be very expensive. And while they do add value and make your home look beautiful, they are not always a good investment. A typical scenario is that if you spend six thousand dollars on a new floor, it will only increase the value of your house by about four thousand dollars, which means that you are down about $2,000 in this case.

If you’re handy you can install the floor yourself and save a lot of money, but be warned: installing a wood floor is a lot of work and requires a fair amount of skill. Not to mention it is very hard on your legs and back because of all the bending over and getting up and down it requires.

One thing we can all agree on is that wood floors make your house look beautiful. One of the key advantages of having a house with wood floors is that while they do not add a lot to your houses property value; it has been proven to make your house sell much faster than a comparable house without wooden floors. It is difficult to put a dollar value on something like that, but there certainly is considerable value in that.

Types of wood floors

Although there are hundreds of styles and colors, wood flooring falls into three general categories;

Hard Wood - usually made from solid oak, maple, beech or birch; this type of flooring is either glued or nailed to a wooden sub-floor. This is the most costly and difficult type of flooring to install, but its beauty is unsurpassed and if cared for properly, can last for generations.

Engineered - This type of flooring looks like hard wood but is actually veneered wood with a plywood backing. Engineered wood floors are generally easier to install and more cost efficient than hard wood. The drawback of engineered flooring is that they do not hold up as well as hard wood. But if you take proper care of your engineered wood floor, they can last for decades.

Laminated - Laminated flooring is the most cost effective option on this list. This type of flooring is designed to look like hard wood, but does not hold up nearly as well. They have also been known to warp in humid climates or when installed anywhere they may come in contact with water such as kitchen or bathrooms. Another drawback is that most people can spot the difference between laminate flooring and the real thing.

So while you may not recoup all of the money you put into a wood floor, it certainly has its rewards. It should be noted that houses in the Antelope Valley are prone to a fair amount of dust due to the dry climate and desert terrain. It is important to keep your wood floors clean to enhance their beauty and to ensure long life.

It is beyond the scope of this article to recommend a particular type of flooring, or whether your should install them. Our hope is that this information is useful in your decision making process.

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