Frequently Asked Questions
What is the process to sell my home to you?
It’s easy, get in touch with us, we’ll make you an offer, accept and its sold!
How quickly can you buy my home?
We can purchase it as fast as 5 days, or as long as you need. We are here to accommodate you.
Do I have to pay realtor fees or other costly charges?
Nope. You don’t pay commissions and we pay all the closing costs.
My house is in bad shape, do I have to make repairs?
Nope. None whatsoever.
I don't want anything in my house, do I have to remove it?
Nope. Feel free to take or leave what you want!
If I fill out the form, will I get bombarded with calls/emails?
Nope. We are here to accommodate you. If you don't need or want our services, just let us know!
Are you ready to turn your house into cash?

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