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Several factors, coupled with the nature of the market, determine the time and price you obtain on your property. However, there are certain tricks up your sleeves that can make a quick deal irrespective of the availability of other factors. This article will let you know some of the crucial aspects that show up in a house sale in Northridge, CA.

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How do I sell my home fast?
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Consider hiring a top-notch real estate agent in your area. He will not only escalate the time of sale but also make you a good profit on it. The other option is selling your house to a wholesaler. Selling to a wholesaler might not fetch a reasonable amount, but it will surely pay you a reasonable sum.

How to sell my house really fast in Northridge?
According to current statistics, a house spends an average period of 68 days on the market. The number of days can be plus-minus, depending upon the location, the condition, and the pricing of the property.

There are multiple options to reduce the number of days your property spends in the market and make a quick sale. If your primary goal is to sell the house as quickly as possible, you should consider making a short sale or pricing the property low.

Will I get a good deal?
A fast deal doesn’t necessarily imply that you can’t close in on a good amount. Right timing and extra efforts can make all the difference in the world.

If you price your property right, make the interior and surroundings of your house presentable, and choose an experienced real estate agent, you will end up with good returns on your investment.

What is a short sale?
Real estate term, short sale, refers to a condition where a homeowner sells his property for an amount less than what he owes on the mortgage. The buyer of the house is the third party, and all the money from the sale goes directly to the lender. But the end decision to approve a short sale or not lies in the hands of the loan servicer.

Sometimes the loan servicer forgives the difference between the original value and sale value other times it is legally binding on the loan servicer to forgive the difference. As soothing as it sounds, there is a complete chance that the loan servicer might make you pay the difference amount. But the consequences of a short sale are far more relieving than that of a foreclosure.

What to do if I risk a foreclosure?
If you sense the risk of missing your mortgage payment, your first step should be informing your loan servicer with the utmost priority. They will guide you towards the best possible option to avoid foreclosure. There exist several options to prevent foreclosure, select the one which is most viable for you.

● Loan Modification allows an individual to make changes in the loan agreement; changes could entail modifications in the rate of interest, principal amount, or the duration of the loan.

● Forbearance provides relief to an individual by exempting from payments for a decided period. It will allow you time just enough to gather finances to make mortgage payments.

● Having a short sale permits the house owner to sell his house below the market rate. The lender agrees on the amount and forgives the difference amount.

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