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Selling a house in this economy is not an easy prospect. Your house might be on sale for weeks, with no proper buyers. In that case, leave it on us to get you the best market deals, even if your house is not in perfect condition.

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Does your home need work before selling?
House needs work, how do I get rid of it?
When your house needs reworking, it can be challenging to put it up for sale without having to invest in fancy upgrades. The reason for selling can be anything, but let's be honest, money matters to all of us. We are not going to invest much in a house that we want to get rid of. Some easy ways to let if go off the hook are:

● Understand the buyer pool and present the house exactly like that. For example, you know that the customer wants a two-story house with an attic, then sell that feature instead of reflecting upon the loose tiles of the bathroom.

● Clear out all accumulated outdoor clutter and give a revamp to your front yard. A clean outlook will provide an excellent impression.

● Make small updates to the visible damages, like fixing a broken door or mending a big leak in the kitchen.

● Understand how renovation loans work.

● Price your house according to its condition and do not over expect.

● Highlight all the good features of your house and present them as your USP (unique selling proposition).

Small changes for a house that needs work in Burbank, CA
There are many houses around Burbank, CA, which need work and are still up for sale. Do you know how they do it? It's the simple knowledge that your presentation matters more than what you are actually offering. Remember that small changes add up to make a big difference and so work on those tiny fixes. A few small changes that you can make around the house to make it an eye-candy are:
● Replacing the knobs on your doors.
● Cleaning out all the stains from the carpet.
● Add new caulking if the old one is worn out.
● Fix visibly leaky taps and pipes.
● Deep clean your bathtub and toilet pots.
● Patch up the holes.
● Landscaping can be a good addition.

What is my property worth in Burbank, CA?
The property selling market in Burbank is pretty competitive these days. In the last three months, most of the houses have been sold at a 2% higher rate than the list price. The average time for any home to go pending is about 15-40 days, which is very good in the real estate industry. The average price running right now is $560 per square foot. As per this rate, you can easily get an estimate for your land price, increased with the kind of property you own.

How can I sell my home fast?
We understand how eager you are to move into better housing, and so, we offer you easy and fast home settlement options. You can either sell your house to a wholesaler or find a good real estate agent to work it all up. You can contact us for quick and best deals on your home.
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